We, You, They-for all women and woman!

For all women and woman, „We, You, They“

We, You, They is an art project that explores woman herself and the imperishable spirit of her Nature.

The project reflects the creative impulse of two authors: Hristo Bozukov, a painter and Veneta Pavlova, a 16 years old student at Ivan Vazov Language School in Plovdiv. Veneta transforms the project idea into an intermedia between painting and fashion in order to create a university portfolio.

Paintings from the artist’s canvas come to life on the fabric and aim to show the audience how art makes fashion and fashion makes art.

The team initiative contributes to the professional and personal development of the two artists and proves that one field of art does not exclude the other, but on the contrary, they can interact in the longer span of time.

The project  has a cultural-research character and aims to form a new way of thinking and to break the traditions of the Bulgarian scene for culture and art.

The idea is the audience to become a part of the whole process and to see something that is created on the basis of symbiosis and dissonance.

Thus, the public will have the unique chance to touch the most intimate for an artist – the process of creation and his/her emotions.

To design a quality product is a long and complicated process.

The process of manufacture garments from the fashion sketch to the pattern model takes several months purely from a technological perspective.

The particularity here is that the print of the design is to be transferred from the painting canvas to the fabric during construction.
This requires special techniques, knowledge of fabrics, tools and experience.

Mentor to Veneta Pavlova for this project is the Plovdiv designer Pacy Parapanova, who has many years of experience in this field.

The abstract work of Hristo Bozukov provokes the imagination of the young artist Veneta Pavlova and becomes a kind of synergy between two very strong stylistic genres – painting and fashion design.

Hristo Bozukov has painted 10 art works, a part of his solo exhibition, reflecting the fashion trend that there be in a general linearity in style (as a Prêt-à-porter fashion line is created).

This is a new challenge for the creator, who is willing to consider fashion as an art and above all as a technique!

On the other hand, Veneta Pavlova is inspired by the art on canvas and recreates it in 8 fashion garments, which will be made from a fashion sketch and sewn to a pattern together with her mentor and designer, Pacy Parapanova.

The art performance will take place on 03.08.2022 in the exhibition hall of Plovdiv 2019 Gallery.