The voice of the Young, Little ladies

„The voice of the young“ is an interactive project, created with the artistic brush of Veneta Pavlova and the jazz performance by Aglea Kaneva and Raino Mishov, XS Art Music School Plovdiv. We are artist, we are young, we are the voice of our generation.

12 paintings (6 tempera canvases and 6 digital prints) and 12 great songs dedicated to each artwork.  


Prints:                                                       Tempera:

1. Мademoiselle chocolatе                         7. Eos

2. Мademoiselle coco                                  8. Warrior

3. Мademoiselle rose                                   9. The wife of the dragoon

4. Мademoiselle espace                             10. Maid

5. Мademoiselle extraterrestre                 11. Queen

6. Мademoiselle sucre                                12. Flora

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